Place/date of birth : Situbondo/April 30, 1926

Religion : Islam

Formal education :

  • Primary School (Dutch school)
  • Junior High School (Dutch school)
  • High School (Japanese school)
  • Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)

Military Service History :

  • August 17, 1945 – January 31, 1951
  • Member of the 17th Brigade of the Indonesian National Army (TNI)
  • Member of Battalion 1 TRIP East Java Command


Career History in the Industry :

February 14, 1955 – June 30, 1964 PT Stanvac Indonesia

July 1, 1964 – December 31, 1968 PN Permina (Niaga Permina)

Head of Medan District with authority covering North Sumatra, Aceh, Tapanuli;

Head of Jakarta District with authority covering West Java and West Kalimantan

(At that time, Niaga Permina succeeded in creating and developing the Mesran/Meditran/Medripal lubricant series which was then adopted and further developed by Pertamina to this day)

January 1, 1969 - April 30, 1973

Pertamina Economic Development and Projects Division (Pertamina "Ekope");

Head of Bureau "Specific Project Assignments";

Ekope East Java Representative for fertilizer distribution - stationed and operating in Surabaya;

April 30, 1973 – May 1, 1978

Oil and Gas Institute (Lemigas)

Senior Consultant & Lecturer Advisor at the Oil and Gas Academy (Akamigas), Cepu, Central Java

Head of Courses, Training and Upgrading Bureau

Head of Lemigas Cepu Branch (as appointed by the Minister of Mines and Energy)

1 Mei 1978 - 1 Mei 1983

(Pertamina) PT Pelita Air Service (PT PAS)

Deputy Marketing Manager;

Marketing Manager (until retirement)

Then appointed as Marketing Assistant Director of PT PAS since May 1, 1983;

1 May 1983 - 1 November 1985

Freelance Marketing Coordinator with PT Pura Jaya Agung Fiberglass (which is a joint venture with Pertamina, with a focus on fiberglass pipe manufacturing in Panjang, Surabaya; stationed at Head Office (Jakarta)


Career Development History : 

  • Basic Retail Factors Course (PTSI, Surabaya/1960)
  • Petroleum Technology Part I (PTSI, Jakarta/1961)
  • Petroleum Technology Part II (PTSI, Jakarta/1963)
  • Advanced Industrial Sales & Engineering Course (PTSI, Jakarta/1963)
  • Government Policies Course (Lemigas, Cepu/1967)
  • MOBIL Survey & Sales Training Course (MOBIL, Singapore/1969)
  • MOBIL Commercial & Industrial Sales Training (MOBIL, Melbourne, Australia/1969)
  • Financial Management Course (Pertamina, Yogyakarta/1971)
  • Introduction & Instructional Initiation of Fokker F-28 Aircraft (Fokker Company, Jakarta/1980)

Mastery of Foreign Languages :

  • English (Active)
  • Dutch (Active)
  • German (Passive)
  • Japanese (Limited)

Military Service Insignia and Honors :

  • Bintang Gerilya (1949)
  • Bintang Sewindu of the Indonesian Armed Forces (1953)
  • Satyalencana of the First War of Independence (1947)
  • Satyalencana of the Second War of Independence (1948)
  • Satyalencana GOM I (1948)
  • Satyalencana “Penegak” (1965)
  • Piagam Veteran Pejuang Kemerdekaan RI (PKRI) Group A

Professional Awards :

  • PT Pertamina Award Certificate for 25 years of Flawless Employment Service (Service Medal)
  • PT Pelita Air Service (PAS) Certificate for 5 years of Successful Professional Marketing Activities (Service Award Plaque)


Family Biography

Wife : Harsini Hardjodowirjo

Place/date of birth : Malang/October 7, 1930

Formal education : Academy of Pharmacy (Associate Degree of Pharmacology)


TRIP "I Shall Continue Your Heroic Struggle until the End of Time"

Jumlah Halaman : 574

TRIP - “Perjuanganmu Kuteruskan Sampai Akhir Zaman”

Jumlah Halaman : 766